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SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash

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SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash

SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash is a soap-free face cleanser infused with organic extract of Ayurvedic herbs. The daily clean-up with this wash makes the skin deeply purified and soft without drying it out. Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Rose, and other natural components of this wash effectively remove the dirt, skin sebum, and dead epithelial cells from skin surface. Suitable for normal to dry skin types. Not tested on animals, paraben- and SLS/SLES-free.

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SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash 120ml

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Description : Fac is the only Indian Brand to offer certified-natural personal care and beauty products. Share with us in the comments below! Anti-cellulite fsce. Which is the one treasure that has taken over your skincare ritual was ? Greensen Dispositifs de soins de la peau faciaux, dispositifs de soins de la peau faciaux, nettoyeur de pores électrique. A well-known source of Vitamin B17 aka amygdalin and reported to reduce cancer markers not only from ingesting the oil, but the kernel powder as well. Anti-dandruff products; 4. Wooden Items. Neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are used and special care is put in the cultivation guaranteeing the conservation of the active beginning. Step 1 : spray mist on clean face, after your skincare ritual Step 2 : heat a few drops in palm of your hands and massage onto damp skin, always upward and outward. I choose to be happy and thankful.

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SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash

SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash

SoulTree® Indian Rose Face Wash is a soap-free face cleanser infused with organi...

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